Wednesday, August 14, 2019

All The Writings

All the words, what goo it all becomes, what potential for an emotional tsunami awaits in boxes in storage. Books, disks, tapes, and more. For the record, the threads are still connected, even if they appear invisible. The links within the links may explain it all, but if not, at least they are there with their hints, puzzles, mazes, and all the fun of the fair. Writing is what I do for myself in this life. Maybe the most important thing, for me. Even if no one ever reads, it has completed me.

Still, I hope to share someday. :)

All is well, for the record, in this life. In the world, not so much, but the fears are not mine, so my perspective remains pure, innocent, and clear of the tragedy of humanity. Most of the time (hey, nobody's perfect). I do my best not to be sucked into the human madness. I much prefer my own.

Even when someone else's words describe it. :)

Work, Softball, and comforts at home.

Life is good today.

Hope yours is too.

Narf :)