Saturday, February 10, 2018

Another View

I suppose the more accurate assessment than no life would be another view or a different perspective. There is life, it is just not recorded here. It is recorded almost daily in two other blogs and less frequently in several more blogs. Most of them are listed here along with a whole lot of other web places you can explore. That is part of what I do in this life. I could offer a random entry but unless you realize that each are momentary, fleeting, transient, and as meaningful or meaningless as we might make of each in any given moment, there is little chance you will understand(link goes here). This (madness?) has been going on for years (maybe frozen in time... are we creating a pattern here or what?... probably more what... what?... so much what... and rainbows... rainbows through our tears... and the laughter of wonder... do you remember laughter?). If you really want to know...

...we have our ways).

Work, softball, food, friends, what am I leaving out? The missing piece is love, partner-type love. Without that, there may never be enough motivation to keep this record of a life up to date on a daily basis. I'd rather stay lost in the distraction and amusement of all this babble.

Narf :)